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Bạc Lót và Bạc Đạn Mắt Trâu

Spherical plain bearings
Spherical plain bearings are standardized, ready-to-mount, mechanical components that enable multi-directional, self-aligning movements. The inner ring has a spherical convex outside diameter, while the outer ring has a correspondingly concave inside diameter († fig. 1). The forces acting on the bearing may be static or may occur when the bearing makes oscillating or recurrent tilting and slewing movements at relatively low speeds. Design advantages inherent to spherical plain bearings include the ability to:
• accommodate misalignment († fig. 2)
• virtually eliminate edge stresses and
excessive stressing of adjacent components († fig. 3)
• accommodate deformation of surrounding components in operation († fig. 4)
• accommodate wide manufacturing tolerances and the use of cost-effective, welded assemblies († fig. 5)

Rod ends
Spherical plain bearing rod ends are bearing units that consist of a spherical plain bearing in the eye-shaped head of the rod end housing († fig. 6). They are used primarily on the ends of hydraulic or pneumatic pistons to join the cylinder to an associated component via an internal (female) thread, external (male) thread or a welding shank († fig. 7). SKF supplies rod ends with a threaded shank with a right-hand thread as standard. With the exception of rod ends with the designation suffix VZ019, all rod ends are also available with a left-hand thread. They are identified by the designation prefix L.

Bearing designs and features
SKF spherical plain bearings and rod ends are an excellent choice for applications that require total design economy. These state of the art products are available in a wide assortment of designs, dimension series and sizes to meet the needs of a particular application. Fig. 7 shows the general bearing and rod end types. Whether the application calls for a large spherical plain bearing or a small rod end assembly, both are available from SKF and offer:
• long service life
• minimal maintenance
• high operational reliability
SKF spherical plain bearings and rod ends, produced with standard dimensions, are available worldwide, making them readily accessible whenever and wherever they are needed. Economic considerations and unparalleled design characteristics are not the only reasons that SKF spherical plain bearings and rod ends are the ultimate solution for any plain bearing application. Their designs, materials and manufacturing quality enable long service life and high reliability even in the most demanding applications.